JUL 28, 2014

4 easy ways to start recycling at home

Our earth is a precious thing; one we should be looking to take care of. But over the past 50 years, as technology has started to move forward we’ve been using more .... read more
Created on 28th July 2014
JUN 26, 2014

Five ways that you can save on your fuel bills

We’re currently enjoying the swing of summer, but as we all know, nothing lasts forever. Before we know it winter will be closing in and homeowners up and down the .... read more
Created on 26th June 2014
MAY 22, 2014

Ways to avoid pitfalls with new-build properties

Build a new home from the foundations up and you have the golden opportunity to create your dream dwelling. Mistakes can be made if you’re not careful though so fol .... read more
Created on 22nd May 2014
APR 29, 2014

What makes a listed building?

One common query is, ‘what makes a listed building?’ The answer? Well there are a number of factors that go towards a building becoming listed. And anyone ca .... read more
Created on 29th April 2014
MAR 13, 2014

4 things to consider before installing an extension

House prices are always on the rise. They climb and soar to the point that makes moving home an unachievable dream for most of us.   And so we stay put. We stick wi .... read more
Created on 13th March 2014
MAR 4, 2014

Do you need planning permission to install solar panels?

Climate change, global warming, eco-friendly –words on the tips of tongues around the world at the moment. And so in an effort to limit our carbon footprint we&rsq .... read more
Created on 4th March 2014
MAR 4, 2014

Frequently asked questions about planning permission

So you’ve moved into a new home. Everything is perfect. Well... almost everything. There are few things you want to alter and add. Like a loft conversion – t .... read more
Created on 4th March 2014
DEC 17, 2013

Architectural Heritage: why is preservation important?

Heritage preservation encompasses so much more than the conservation of historic structures. There are many more things at stake; it’s not simply about saving them .... read more
Created on 17th December 2013
NOV 26, 2013

4 mistakes you need to avoid when applying for planning permission

Whether you’re looking to put up an extension on your property, build a home on your new plot of land, or just build something in your backyard there’s one th .... read more
Created on 26th November 2013
OCT 28, 2013

5 tips for more successful community engagement

Community engagement is all about developing (and maintaining!) successful working relationships with community groups. It’s about opening up a dialogue with your n .... read more
Created on 28th October 2013
OCT 2, 2013

Welcome to our blog!

Hello, and welcome to the new Planning Matters blog – a place where we hope to keep you up to date with the very latest industry news, a place where we’d like .... read more
Created on 2nd October 2013