JUL 28, 2014

4 easy ways to start recycling at home

Our earth is a precious thing; one we should be looking to take care of. But over the past 50 years, as technology has started to move forward we’ve been using more and more of its resources, and not doing enough to protect it.

But there’s still time to change. We can all alter small things in our lives to make a difference. And here at Planning Matters sustainability is important to us. That’s why we’ve put together 4easy ways to start recycling at home.

Buy green – When out shopping you’ll probably see products that have special labels on them that specify that they’ve been created using sustainable methods and materials. Adjust your shopping list to buy the environmentally friendly products. They might cost a little more, but what’s a £1 or £2 when you’re saving the earth?

Avoid single-use – Water bottles, plastic bags, Styrofoam cups – they’re all one-off use products. Once we’re done we throw them away and off they go to the tip where they’ll be burnt down, releasing bad gases out into the atmosphere. And unfortunately these single-use products have become a part of our everyday lives.

Where possible, switch out from single-use and purchase products you can use over and over again. Water bottles, thermoses, re-useable bags. It’s a small thing that can go a long way.

Technology – Our smart phones are with us pretty much every day, but as we become more and more reliant on them, we’re constantly looking to upgrade to the newest, most advanced phone there is. And so our old phones make their way to the rubbish bin.

But rather than throw it out, take it back to your provider. Nearly all of them take old phones in for recycling. Or go online. It’s not just your phone either. Many places will take your computer in too.

Recycle on your doorstep – Nearly everyone should have household recycling collections. So those old clothes you no longer need can be taken off and re-sold by a team. If you’re unsure if you have a collection, contact your local council and ask.

Recycling isn’t all the hard work many make it out to be. A few small adjustments to your home life can make a massive difference. 

Created on 28th July 2014
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