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We do not always notice the unique and precious ecology habitats that surround the places in which we live and work. In rural, suburban and even urban areas, there is wildlife, habitats and biodiversity that deserve respect as
part of our wider commitment to environmental sustainability.

As we design our planning solutions, every effort is taken to include measures that will both preserve and help nature and wildlife to flourish. This means taking steps to ensure that nature and people coexist, and that biodiversity and natural habitats are supported.

Mitigating Impact

Protecting ecological issues requires constructive engagement with environmental agencies regardless of the scale of development. It also requires us to differentiate between valid concerns and attempts to use ecology as a barrier to planning permissions.

We consult with ecological professionals in relation to protected habitats and species. By carrying out a range of surveys and assessments, we establish a framework for responsible planning solutions. These can include long term plans for the protection, conservation, management and monitoring of the ecology and wildlife concerned.  

Nurturing Nature

Natural habitats and the built environment can successfully coexist. Indeed, many of our planning solutions will create new habitats and sustain and encourage growth of fauna and flora.  Our integrated approach allows us to conserve the natural world and provide the sustainable built environments which society needs.